How to Save the iPhone Battery

How to Save the iPhone Battery.

Is your iPhone or iPod’s battery always low, especially when you are getting ready for some important meeting or for a six-hour flight? In this article you will find some ways to increase the phone’s battery life.

Reduce brightness: Go to the settings menu, select the Brightness option there, and reduce the brightness of the screen. Although doing so may be a little harder to read than what you write in the app, but this will save your phone’s battery significantly.

1. Update to the latest software: Apple’s engineers keep changing software from time to time, essentially updating software to use those changes.

If you are using iOS 5 or later versions in the phone, then you can do this by going to Settings → Normal → Software Update .

2. Make less use of songs, videos, games or internet browsing in thephone : their graphics reduce your phone’s battery very fast, so only use the phone for those things that are absolutely essential for you.

3. Use the data service to manually remove or fix  hourly  : Your phone constantly uses the data to receive new emails or notifications. The more often your phone will use the data, the more your battery will be It will only slow down faster.

To manually use the data on your iPhone, fix Settings → Mail, Contacts, Calendar → Get New Data → Manual.

4. Turn Off WiFi: Because your phone constantly keeps on searching the WiFi signal continuously, and this makes the battery faster.

5. When you are not using push mail, turn it off: if your Yahoo! Use the push’s mail service for the account, and for example, if you want to save the battery, close the mail. To turn off push mail:

6. Use less demanding software for location information: Some apps on your phone such as Maps (GPS) detect your position through GPS. When you are not using them, make a habit of closing these kinds of apps to maintain your privacy.

7. Go to Settings → Privacy → Location Services and close it.

8. When the network is not available, make the phone airplane mode: Your iPhone constantly searches the network, even at places where there is no possibility of network available, and which keeps on decreasing your battery. For this reason, we recommend that you make the phone in airplane mode in such situations

9. Close app properly: If you only use the Home button to close an app, this does not stop the app completely and keeps moving in the background. Double-click the Home button to close the app that you open.

10. Give enough space to the phone while charging: You may have experienced that they are hot while charging the iPhone. If you have covered the cover on the iPhone, additional heat generated while charging may affect your iPhone’s battery capacity. Be sure to give enough space while charging the phone.

11. Lock your phone (or keep it on the microphone itself): If your phone is not locked on a fixed low-duration interval, be sure to correct it. This will save you a lot of battery in case you forget to lock the phone.

Go to Settings → General → Auto-Lock and set it at 1 minute or less.

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