How to earn money online, easy ways to make money online in 2018

How to earn money online, easy ways to make money online

Money is not everything but you can not do anything in today’s world without it. If not today or tomorrow you will need money in every situation. If you arrange your tomorrow today, you will not have to work much harder and wander tomorrow. If you want to earn money, here I am telling about the ways of earning money online from which you do not have to spend a rupee to earn money.

There are many ways to earn money online. This post is a great way to earn money online through which you can make good money by which every internet user can make money from which you do not need to invest any money to earn money.

Easy ways to make money online in 2018

You can earn money easily by the methods given here. If you need it then you have passion and hard work, by doing whatever you do not go back and know how to do it well. Let’s know about ways to earn money online.

How to Earn Money from Tuition

Parents are always ready to invest in making their children’s future bright, if you have a lot of knowledge in subjects such as mathematics, science or computer, then you can become a tutor from your talent and online from tuition Can earn money.

You can make tuition for children online, for both and is a great website that offers students the opportunity to teach and you can choose one of these and just through their personal network or social media You can search for your customers and you can add as many children as possible.

Make money from Survey

You can earn money online by completing surveys, you can earn $ 1 to $ 20 based on the length of the survey. One of the oldest and best online survey websites available for international members is to join globaltestingmarket today and win the chance to earn $ 2000 cash.

How do I get my earnings?

Most companies send your earnings to your PayPal account. You can easily create your account at and add your bank account and you can get money from PayPal from any of your bank accounts in India.

How to earn money from GPT sites

To earn more money, you can join GPT sites where you can accomplish small and easy survey such as watching videos, playing games, etc. Here I would recommend only 2 GPT sites who pay on time. You can get these payments from these sites through PayPal, check or bank transfer. (2 great GPT sites to earn money online)

How to earn money from Captcha

Solving captcha is one of the best online data entry jobs, you should know about captcha. Whenever you create an account, you have to type the captcha right by typing it correctly. But do you know that you can earn money online by solving and solving CAPTCHA.

Just need you to become a captcha solver and fill the captcha number in the software correctly. You can earn $ 1 to $ 2 to type 1000 captcha and if you work on 2 to 3 sites, then you can easily earn 10,000 to 15,000 rupees per month.

There are lots of websites which provide captcha entry work but here I will tell you about 5 best sites who respond well to their employees and you can earn good income from these sites just need your speed and speed of typing speed .

5 Great Captcha Access Job Website (,,,

How to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing

If you are very eager to earn money online and you are a hard working man who wants to earn more money in less time then affiliate marketing is for you. Due to the increase in online shopping, there are so many opportunities to earn money from affiliate vendors compared to earlier.

There are thousands of online business people like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Clickbank etc. where you can sign up and promote your products.

In Affiliate marketing, you will be able to create a website and help customers buy the right product and in return you can earn 4% to 20% of the commission.

How to Earn Money from Adsense – Advertising Networks

These methods are all the favorites to earn money online. I should tell you first and foremost about it though it is not easy to make money. You need to have a website to earn money from Adsense is used by millions of people in India making money by making the most website bloggers.

If you want to create a website then you should know about adsense and you can read the full details of Google Adsense in this post. How to earn money from Google Adsense This post will get information from adsense earning details.

Become a Freelancer – How to Earn Money From Freelancing

Affiliate marketing and freelancing to make money online after AdSense is another great way to become a freelancer, you can work with small or large companies on a temporary basis and provide them service as a freelancer. Can earn $ 500 to $ 2000 per month depending on the skill.

You can provide many services like content writer, web designer, graphics design, SEO or data entry. There are many websites such as, Elance, Upwork and WorkNHire etc., which can give you a tailored platform with customers.

Make Money by Selling Online Photos

This is another good way to earn money online so that you can earn good money. If you have a smartphone then you can easily earn money in this manner.

If you are fond of shooting photos and you can get good photos such as good photos of nature, photos of animals, then you can sell your photos online on photos sell websites such as Photobucket, Istock and Shutterstock.

If your photos are very liked then you can get good money. So shoot good photos and try selling your photos on these sites. I hope if your photos are good then you can earn money by selling them.

How to Earn Money from Online Writing Job

If you are interested in writing, then this online job is the best way to earn money online for you. Nowadays online writing jobs are becoming popular because every website owner on the internet needs regular content to update their website.

You can earn from $ 5 to $ 20 based on the length of your content, by writing content for a website that needs content. There are many websites where you can find a writing job like Fiverr, Elance, and Iwriter etc.

How to Earn Money from PTC Websites

If you are looking for ways to earn money online and you need a little extra income, then PTC sites are the best way to start, which gives people the money to read advertising and accomplish easy tasks. You can get 30 minutes on PTC sites Earning $ 200 to $ 500 per month can work.

If you have a lot of time and need a lot of money, then you can work with PTC sites at online jobs as well. Here I am giving you the names of 3 PTC sites, on which millions of people work and make money, you can earn. (ClixSence, NeoBux, Paidverts)

How to earn money from your smartphone

There are so many applications on the Internet that give you money to work on your mobile. If you want to earn money from your mobile, then you can read these posts android apps to earn money from smartphones This post has been told about the application of mobile money earning.

If you want to earn money online then you can try one of the methods mentioned here. I hope you can earn money online and earn a decent income in one of these ways.

Here’s what I have told ways to earn money online It is free You can earn money without spending money. Hope you will earn money in one of these ways. If you have found ways to make money online from internet, share this post with your friends on social media who want to earn money.

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