Amazon Customer Service Number

Amazon Customer Service Number

If you have a question about an order, or an issue with service, contacting Amazon might be the best thing you can do. When contacting Amazon, you have the option of sending an email, having Amazon call you, and live chatting. This article will show you how to talk with a customer service representative at Amazon. If you want to call Amazon directly, contact their customer service line at  1888 280 4331

Amazon Customer Service Number :

1888 280 4331

Call Amazon anytime, 24/7, at 1(888) 280-4331. This is the direct, general customer service line for any and all Amazon issues. If you’re not near a computer with your account or are not sure what department to call, this is usually your best bet. However, with a little patience, you can also get Amazon to call you, picking a customer representative best-suited to help.

Log into Amazon and scroll to “Help” at the bottom of any screen. This will bring up a series of contact options. When you log in first, it connects your account to the call or email, allowing Amazon to quickly review your orders and save both of you time on the phone.

Decide how you want Amazon to contact you. If your issues isn’t solved with the buttons available, you can still contact them. Once you’ve filled in the boxes with your answers (specifically the “Tell us more…” menu), Amazon will ask how you’d like to be contacted:

Email: You’ll get a written solution to the problem, with a tracking number and the ability to write back.

Phone: Amazon calls you, choosing the appropriate department for your issue.

Chat: You’ll live chat online with a specialist, working to resolve the issue.

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